LeeSsang LeeSsang Blues (리쌍 블루스)

My life was always rough with love
Like a thrown away umbrella, I was always in cold, loneliness and serious insult
I tolerated all of these and got dumped several times
I was a wanderer looking for true love
But this one beautiful girl made my steps stop
My life has been an endless runway since
I’ve engraved you in my heart
I’ve been reborn, into a red flower

*Loving you, always never change
 loving you, the two soft hands
Your eyes seduce me, make my heart cry,
how.. how..
Loving you, always never change
loving you, because you embrace me
The flowers on the meadow and the moon in
dark are jealous of me

My life was a thorn bush before I met you
But now it’s a strong building
I’m like the fool
 who only smiles at this big love
My life is brighter than that full moon
(You are like) A windown with sunshine
(Your whisper is like) A grandma’s lullaby
When I think of it, everything is just peaceful
The most beautiful harmony in the world is you and I
I’m this happy because of you
Compared to that what I can do for you is to let my arm be your pillow
Or to hug you hard like your bones will break
I’m sorry, to you who have made a place for me in your heart
I will be your shoes, put me on and go wherever you want
Don’t worry about stepping on dirty things
I will embrace it without anyone noticing
But promise me that you’ll be next to me until death

* awak.. saya suka dgr lgu ni... umpama awak berkata pada saya :) 


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